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We Rats

Well, all these humans are going around making websites so we thought we'd make one too. Right now there are two of us, but we think that Zuriah (our pet human) wants more. We also live with a rabbit, who we love. After all, he has very tasty food which he, ahem, err, shares with us. Our names are Tippit and Star, and we're some of the cutest things there are (not to mention gorgeous and adorable). Make sure to look at the photos page so you can see how lovely we are, Zuriah finely got the pictures together. Took her long enough, too. After all, humans are very lazy! She also made a website about rats, but ours is much better, don't ya think? We put a link to hers anyway, just cuz we're sooo very nice.

Hi, Welcome to We Rats! This is a site we made to help other rats find there way around pet humans, houses, etiquette, and lots more. Please email our human Zuriah and tell us what you think (she's very well trained, and she'll answer if you ask her to). Her email is: jugglingdancer@yahoo.com. If you want to link to our site (and we're sure you will), please feel free. It would be nice if you'd send us an email though, just so we know. Hope you enjoy our site!

Our Story

Well, we got our first human the day we were born. She worked at One at a Time Rescue , and we were some of the rats she was fostering. Can you belive someone didn't want our mother?! Well, we can't. Anyway, we got Zuriah when we were just babies (six weeks!), and she has lived with us ever since (we're now five months). We now spend our days eating, sleaping, escaping, making messes, and being absolutely charming.