Zuriah's Homepage

About Me

OK, here's a bunch of stuff about me.

-I live in California,

-I'm fifteen years old,

-I take 8 - 11 dance classes a week (even though I probably don't want to be a professional dancer), depending on what's being offered, and how free I am. These are the kinds of dance I take: Scottish Highland, Scottish Country, Irish, Ballet, Jazz, and I used to take Modern, Scottish Step, and Cape Breton.

-I have three pets: one rabbit and two rats,

-I juggle,

-I play Viola de Gamba (it's the ancestor of the cello),

-I homeschool,

-I have an older brother,

-I perform a LOT! Some examples are Renaissance fairs, the Dickens Christmas fair, Scottish games, and Feiseanna, (Feises).

-This is a bunch of stuff I didn't know where to put this so I'll just say it now: My name is Zuriah Anne Meacham, Zuriah (zur-EYE-ah) was my great-great-great grandmother's name. Usually I like having a rare name but sometimes it's annoying. For instance, here are some ways I've seen people spell my name:





Here are some ways people have pronounced my name:

ZA- ry- ah


RY-ah (I actually like this one)



Lovely, huh?