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Here's my page for events I go to. I've put ratings on a scale of (1) too (10), (1) being "I liked it pretty well" and (10) being "It was practically perfect! I can hardly imagine anything better!". If it's not at least "I liked it pretty well", then I don't put it on this page (remember that a lot of my opinions depend on how well the performing situation is set up).

Damento Juggling Festival

Really fun, but I don't usually juggle much there.


Woodland Scottish Games

Really fun, but I usually don't get to go any where cause I'm stuck by the stage waiting to go on.


Dunsmuir Scottish Games

My first Games, and probably my favorite. I love the grounds and the house.


Stafford Lake Renaissance Fair

It's fun, but really, REALLY hot. And of course I'm always wearing three-four layers. I guess that's why they sell ice cream there.


Monterey Scottish Games

One of my favorites, mainly because the stage is in the shade.


Pleasanton Scottish Games

It's supposed to be the biggest games. Fun, but very hot for dancing! I wouldn't rate it quite this high if it wasn't for the closing ceremonies where I dance country (even if I did crash into a highland dancer once).


Dixon Scottish Games

Fun, but the backstage is awful.


John Muir Ranch Days

This one is really fun, but the stage is tiny, and it's positioned just so that the trees that it's under don't give it shade, but drop leaves on it.


Lodi Juggling Festival

My absolute favorite, and it's GONE! I went every year since I was eight, There was a zoo and an amusement park, and the whole thing was really kid friendly. I also made tons of friends and memories there (like the time we found a black widow spider in our tent, and the time I killed my ankle on the tight rope), and then they had too go and cancel it. It's gone, GONE! *sniff*


Folsom Renaissance Fair

Fun, a nice set-up, and I actually get too walk around and look at things! The stage however, is usually in shambles, and the group hang-out is like two booths up from the black smithers (down wind, of course) and because you're in a booth you have too be really careful not to let plastic bottles and stuff show.


Dickens Christmas Fair

Really fun! For the rehearsals everything smells like cow, but for the actual fair, it's amazing. The stage is dimly-lighted and slippery, but at least it's HUGE! The vendors are nice too. It still sort-of smells though.


Dunsmuir at Christmas

Really great! They decorate the house with tree in every room, it's really amazing! Last year my friend I were asked to count trees by a lady who worked there, we came up with 26 in all (18 big ones and 8 little ones). The set-up for performing isn't so nice though. Sorry, I couldn't find a link to this one.