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Celtic Dance

This is my page for the Scottish and Irish Dance that I do. I take Scottish Highland dance and Scottish Country dance, and I used to take Step and Cape Breton. I'm doing my first Highland competition this Saturday, and I will be dancing in beginner, even though I've taken for over five years. I compete in Irish and I'm currently novice and prizewinner. I dance in several Celtic groups, and there are links to them below.


Siamsa is a multi-celtic dance goup, featuring

Scottish and Irish dancers and musicians.

It performs modern and historical shows.


New World Scottish Dancers

This is a Scottish-dance group, which includes

two historical costumes and two modern costumes. It

was the first performing group I ever danced with.

I'm not really part of the group any more, but I'm

still sort of a guest member.


McBride School of Irish Dance

This is the Irish dance school that I dance with.

It's a large school, and has classes almost every day.

I take the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night classes,

and I occasionally drop in on the Saturday morning class.

I also dance with the Piedmont Highlanders, but I don't know where to link to.